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Action for Batwa Empowerment Group

Action for Batwa Empowerment Group (ABEG) is a non- political, non- profit oriented community based organization. It was informally started by Kokunda Sylvia in 2017 after realizing the need to give back to her community;-the Batwa. ABEG started as an awareness creation campaign engineered by Kokunda Sylvia based on her experience of the series of economic, cultural, education and health care injustices and suffering her community has continued to face for decades, and, after realizing the need to complement other stakeholders efforts to finding a comprehensive approach and, solution to addressing the above challenges for the Batwa community’s transformation for development.

In 2017, Sylvia, proposed to her community about the need of a formal organization, led by the Batwa themselves that would efficiently, effectively and sustainably seek for the redress of the issues that affect their community, thus the birth of ABEG ,which was registered on 02nd February 2021 under the laws of Uganda.


ABEG is majorly led by the Batwa themselves under the stewardship of their own child Mrs. Kokunda Sylvia.

Empowering the Batwa community through advocacy, education, skills development, healthcare, commercial agriculture, tourism, exposure and research to holistically transform their lives and culture for a prosperous future.

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